Our Investment Philosophy

Key Elements of Gold Coast’s Investment Philosophy

Our goal is to provide transparency and partnership, while avoiding conflicts of interest, in acting as our clients’ Chief Investment Officer. Independent, discreet, and privately held the investment advice Gold Coast provides is impartial and objective as we look to both enhance the quality of our clients’ lives while meeting their unique and personal goals.

Diversified Allocation

A diversified portfolio that invests across multiple asset classes and multiple geographies acts as a natural hedge in difficult times but also allows for participation in global growth during normalized periods of expansion.

Access to Managers

Preferred managers can be difficult to locate or can be closed to new investors. Using our extensive industry contacts and relationships we work tirelessly to find and gain access to what we believe are high quality investment managers and invaluable pieces of an investment portfolio.

Process Transparency

In today’s investment environment we favor transparency and openness, in terms of our managers’ holdings and their investment process. This will allow for more efficient management of our clients allocations and risks.

Equally important is that this information is communicated to our clients clearly and timely.

Opportunistic Investing

Our network of friends and partners will sometimes produce unique investment opportunities that, after careful and detailed due diligence, will be offered to clients of Gold Coast.

How Client Money Is Invested

Gold Coast creates an asset allocation based on extensive client input. Risk tolerance, liquidity needs and tax situations are carefully considered.

Investment managers are thoroughly vetted, audited, and monitored.   Allocated money to enact the investment plan is only put to work after this extensive process.

Gold Coast can provide manager due diligence for clients who want or need help when investing in private placements, private investment funds, and other investments.

High-Quality Network of Service Providers

Gold Coast can work with existing, or provide from our own vetted list of service providers, including tax advisors and trust/estate lawyers.

Gold Coast Wealth Management uses Fidelity Brokerage Services LLC as the custodian for client assets.

All investments are held in the client’s name, Gold Coast does not hold custody of any client assets.

Gold Coast clients can log in to their Fidelity account and have complete transparency and access to their custodial assets.

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