“We treat athletes differently than the large banks and brokerage firms. They are wealthy young men, no different than a young entrepreneur who sold his or her business or a tech executive who founded a hot start–up…and they should receive the same level of advice.”

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Protecting and Securing your Future

We work with clients to provide an individual investment plan to suit their needs and prepare them for life after their athletic career. We are a resource for the athlete’s ‘life team’ to use on all matters relating to spending, saving, investing, borrowing, and giving. We want our clients to focus on their craft to maximize their earning potential in their sport, while we enhance and simplify their financial life.

Client Attention

We will not outgrow our clients.  Gold Coast clients will always have a direct line to Brendan and Brian for all questions, concerns and general communication.  Our client’s experience is the most important  aspect of our business.  We will limit the amount of clients allowed into the firm to assure current clients receive the appropriate amount of attention, care and service.

Learn More about Gold Coast Professional Athlete Wealth ManagementLife & Custom Services

Gold Coast provides advice and strategies to help athletes enjoy their lifestyle while also protecting their future.

  • Gold Coast has extensive relationships and partnerships with top tier tax firms. We work with them to coordinate and streamline the tax preparation process.
  • Our custom services include bill pay, automatic fund transfers, anonymous asset purchase negotiations such a jewelry, auto, and real estate to assure fair pricing.
  • Gold Coast partners with a select group of trust and estate lawyers that help set up charitable trusts and dedicated foundations for the athlete.
  • Additional concierge and personal services include off season training and conditioning, elite event access, dining/travel reservations, and security detail.
  • We also offer an option for an athlete’s camp management and marketing services to assist the athlete’s branded camp.

Transparency, accountability, and performance are the keys to a successful financial future assisted by Gold Coast. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help secure your financial future.